Vaival Engagement Model

Providing off-shore expertise to your on-shore contingencies, Vaival’s engagement model is simple, sharp and resounding. Take our hand, and you will not look back – outsourcing is a fantastic industry resource drawn upon by all global firms, and Vaival sits atop the mount.

By hand-picking our experts that you require, your project shines at minimum cost. And thanks to our years of collaborative understanding, there’s zero disruption to current management processes.

Our global roster of satisfied clients provide contracts averaging (4 years in length) so enjoy their testimonials on our home page and see if you’d like the same smooth, transparent expertise that ensures your full control over the development life-cycle!

Why VAIVAL’s Engagement Model Rocks

There’s a lot of choice for you when it comes to outsourcing so
let’s make your decision simple.

Powerful Partners

We bring own state-of-the-art infrastructure, so you don’t need to make any needless investments.
We operate with a range of top ecommerce solution providers so are well-versed in functioning alongside globally powerful entities.
We offer a vast internal and external network across all sectors and are delighted to share these contacts with our clients.

GOOD for: Clients of any size looking to gain global traction and grow profits!

Dedicated Teams

There is no more dedicated team than the Vaival team – we’ve seen it all.
Our specialists are adept at fitting within on-shore teams to function seamlessly; thanks to our Agile approach.
And of course, all of our clients retain full control of the development life-cycle.
Reduce costs and stress with our expertise at your disposal.
Tackle with leading efficacy the jobs that you have been putting off!
Save on hiring a specific software specialist – just enlist ours for a week!
Improve your project results with Vaival – it’s our sole goal.

GOOD for: Supporting all types and levels of project and project manager!

Shared Risk Models

For those multinationals with whom we run product selling, we offer multi-tiered risk prevention models that protect from possible loss.
Following a due diligence period, all Vaival clients may use this exclusive and valuable opportunity not commonly offered by outsourcers.
We are delighted to offer this service at minimal set-up fee and with maximum risk reduction shared across our company.

GOOD for: Tech start-ups and niche product companies to reduce the risk of failure!

Flexible Payment Models

As always, we understand the financial ins and outs of any company vary greatly from one to the next.
That’s why we offer a number of bespoke by-hour or by-project payment agreements designed to suit you best.
Our friendly finance consultants can help figure out the best-value way for us to move forward together.

GOOD for: Those worried about the costs of outsourcing – you will be pleasantly surprised!

Our Services are Best suited for

Sure, our services are not for everyone.

But if you’re a company OR a project manager working within Agile and needing a new source or team – whether for inspiration, technical capacity, domain knowledge, timely support, product development, publication scope or any other provision – then try outsourcing with us.

We may well be your perfect fit

How Do I Get Started?

Great question – and it couldn’t be easier.
Just fill in the form below and one of our consultants will be in touch (within 24 hours.)
Take the first step into the future of your business – it’s the VAIVAL way.

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