Managing Dedicated Teams

We deploy a pool of agile-qualified teams that provide the very best software services and solutions and are completely dedicated to our clients. Fit us to your business as it suits you best. Get help where you need it and excel where you already do.

The result is a separate yet permanent and multi-functional delivery team that you can count on to deliver critical projects ahead of deadline and within budget.

Client-Managed Dedicated Teams

Here’s the ideal solution when a project suddenly becomes more taxing, requires new technologies, extra resources or specific expertise that you simply do not have the time or budget to obtain.

You lead the way, hand-picking from our range of experts to fill the gaps in your project team and achieve the perfect delivery.

Vaival-Managed Dedicated Teams

Now if you require a new system or don’t want the fuss of building a software department, this is your gateway to the expert developers you need.

Our experienced and adaptable software development teams provide start-to-finish project management, referring to your requirements every step of the way to surge ahead, get your system setup and provide the results that will blow you away.

Our Dedicated Development Process

It’s simple, really. Our dedicated development teams employ agile methodology because it is well-proven to provide seamless communication and project transparency throughout.

It’s all smiles with agile:

Step 1: Project Assessment

We discuss your requirements together – no meeting is too long, no rule too obtrusive.
Your requirements become our responsibility and we move forward as a solid unit.

Step 2: Sub-team Allocation

By comparing and combining the expertise of our respective teams, we create the perfect project sub-teams to ensure maximum results.
Once the sub-teams are in place, the big moment is on the horizon.

Step 3: Project Launch

Every project starts with the clear establishment of sub-team directions, infrastructure and other specifics. Our experts know how to roll with your plans as well as take you further.
Once familiarised with the landscape before us, we push together into the project and begin to create the magic that will set your project apart.

Step 4: Agile Adaptation

As our project ticks along like a well-oiled race car, we ensure our agile methodology is updated continually to provide ongoing optimal performance.
Global function with a local feel – that’s the Vaival touch.

Step 5: Winning Delivery

Time to lean back and bask in the glory – a project completed with Vaival is always a joy.
We have learned from each other and we have furthered each other, delivering your project with results beyond your expectations.

Why Going Agile ?

There’s a lot of different paths to take in this business but at Vaival we are strong believers in Agile Development – the reason for this belief is the same reason that we call it an Engagement Model.

Agile is simply the most versatile, inclusive path to software delivery. Its collaborative ethos is what makes projects run so smoothly, and also what brings people together in such strong bonds.

It’s why some of our biggest clients are some of our closest friends, and why you can count on a personable and memorable experience when you call on Vaival for support.

So if you’re refining your current systems or need help setting up a new platform

The Vaival Promise

Our dedicated development teams keep extremely high standards and will not rest until your
project has reached its full potential. That goes without saying!

Engage with Vaival’s dedicated development teams if you would like:
Teams of dedicated software engineers with your best interests at heart
A software development partner with a truly adaptive business model.
Your in-house team to receive bespoke training or temporary assistance
No more late product launches, slow growth or high infrastructure costs
Not to worry about building your software departments alone

Vaival's Advantages

We could go on all day about the advantages of working with one of our dedicated development
teams but here’s a quick summary:

Guaranteed Deadlines

No excuses, no tears.
Our services are timely, fair and always on-or-below budget.
Deadlines are beaten, results are breathtaking – that’s the Vaival way.

Business Analytics

Our analysts help enhance your business as we complete your project together.
We know how to help non-technical businesses achieve glory in this technical world.

Minimised Time-to-Market

No more months and months spent waiting for your product to hit the market.
Our marketing gurus push your software to completion in the time it needs to be. Put your feet up; it’s what we’re here for.

Unparalleled Quality

No more paying third parties to touch up unsatisfying project work.
We draw on our vast internal and even more vast external network to achieve leading content in every aspect of your project.

Continual Reportage

No more feeling like an outsider as you phone around to find out your project’s status.
We update you daily with informative reports, factoring in as many indices as you wish to maintain clarity throughout.

No Infrastructure Needed

Beware those providers who suggest investing in expensive new infrastructure for them.
We bring our own state-of-the-art hardware to the table, so you never have to worry about a thing except for your victory speech.

Unbeatable Agility

With Vaival you are forever one step ahead of competitors.
We have led the software development realm for 7 years and love to share our expertise so you can deliver the product you promised the world.

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