Agile with Vaival

Exceeding expectations is our norm thanks to our Agile approach.

Our development is proven throughout years of work with respected industry leaders each blown away by the speed, quality, and transparency of our project delivery.

This result-driven and cost-effective way of working benefits both you and us, providing continuous improvement and communication throughout your project.

Why Agile?

It’s often the case that the beginning of a project is coupled with realizations not previously considered – but how do you deal with these unexpected circumstances without losing momentum and money?

Increasing pace, increasing density of software design and, of course, increasing numbers of teams involved led to a need to unite everyone on the same wavelength to ensure an end product that’s sleek and refined rather than a mess of many excellent, yet unmeshed components.

Agile is the answer we found, and we see many are only finding it now. We always support other outsourcers and are delighted to provide them with advice on how to get Agile. [Just find out more here.]

There’s no quicker way to get your product to market, coordinate on- and off-shore core elements and unite complex components into simple results.

Don’t worry; we know what it’s like to become aware of what you really want from your new software only after observing its initial version – that’s a massive part of the development and how our industry works.

Instead of worrying, just find the best available way to revisit your project specifications and bring together the heads to do this best on a single global platform. It is in the global specialist union that our methodology shines and exactly how it has placed us at the top of the industry.

Lean Mean Agile Machine

And then if that were not enough, Vaival has accented its proven agile approach with revolutionary new Lean technology to help clients further shed unnecessary expenditures and activities.

With the help of our specialist teams, you can focus even more intently upon the high-performance development of your project completion by negating waste and by amplifying breakthrough strategies for excellence.

By combining Agile and Lean methodologies, we enable your enterprise to adapt as quickly as you need.

Just stick with Vaival to achieve the best product for the least stressful time and budget.

Embrace Change

It is throughout the many inevitable versions of any software that companies step back and start to panic, but with Vaival and agile this is not the case.

In terms of design, our method adopts change as a normality. We know how change is very normal indeed within software development.

Agile allows the normalization of and even welcomes change so we can ensure you finalize your project at a standard beyond your expectations.

Following Agile practices improves the entire project without surpassing those pesky deadlines or budgets. Simple!

Vaival takes incredible pride in creating solutions to match the ever-evolving needs of our diverse and valued client-base while also constantly providing them with the power to improve their business.

Benefits of Agile

If you still aren’t convinced, let’s get into the specific benefits. Sure, Agile is by no means a silver bullet, but it minimizes the risk of project failure thanks to:
Easy adaptability to changes in customer behavior, industry standards, and technology
Tangible new software versions exceeding minimum function within each 2-3 week sprint
Active stakeholder engagement to guarantee user satisfaction and delivery result control
Integrated Quality Assurance meaning less reworking and quicker quality improvements
An easy way to stay on a budget yet get the most valuable result.

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